Pay just Rs.1 and get 1 Months Unlimited Online Movie Subscription!

Pay just Rs.1 and get 1 Months Unlimited Online Movie Subscription!Click here to get this deal!

BIGFlix offers premium DVD-quality video content. Mainly, this includes Indian films – Hindi films and films in other languages such as Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Oriya, Bengali and many more. In addition to films, BIGFlix also offers TV Shows, plays, music concerts, sports, film songs, music video, You can either choose to buy or rent videos from BIGFlix. Simply browse or search for the video of your choice. The page with the details of your selected video will contain links to buy and/or rent that video. (Note: The option to “rent” is available for certain videos only, at the moment. This option will be available for more videos, gradually).

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After you choose to buy or rent a video, you will be requested for information necessary for a successful transaction. It’s as simple as buying or renting a DVD from a neighborhood store – only much more convenient!

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